will draw

- PG-13 rating and under (Relatively SFW)- Characters with no references- Humans, humanoids, and furries- Blood, cuts/scrapes/bruising- Anime and semi-realism- Fanart of fictional characters- Some mecha/robots- Character design (examples in fullbody section)

wont draw

- Art that has to be marked mature/explicit in submissions (This means anything pornographic. Suggestive is okay)- More than 3 people in a drawing- Gore- Landscapes- Real people- Oc x canon or canon x canon- Anything illegal/immoral

If it’s not on either lists or something is unclear, please ask! I am willing to try everything

terms of service

By commissioning me, you are stating that you have read and agreed to these terms. Failure to follow the belowe rules will result in being blocked and blacklisted

- Commissions are not first come first serve. I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason such as not feeling comfortable or being unable to draw the character- References are preferred, however I can work off of just text- Full payment expected within 24 hours after I send the sketch- No refunds- Turn around time can be expected to be up to 2 months- Art may not be used for anything other than personal use. I, the artist, retain full exclusive rights to the original artwork. Such rights include promoting myself and posting it wherever I like. However, I will never use art of your character to sell prints- Art may be reposted with credits to me in the form of a link to any one of my social medias. My watermark MUST remain intact and uncropped- Using my work for NFTs and AI is NOT allowed- You may not alter my art for any reason. If something about it inaccurate to the references you send, please ask me to change it


Pricing may go below or above stated price depending on complexityAdditional characters will cost 75% of the original pricePricing in USD


Sketch: $30
Colored sketch: $45
Fully shaded: $60
Fully shaded with bg: $70


Sketch: $45
Colored sketch: $55
Fully shaded: $70
Fully shaded with bg: $90

full bodies

Sketch: $60
Colored sketch: $80
Fully shaded: $120
Fully shaded with bg: $150
Character design/reference sheet: $50 - $120




character design / reference sheets